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Testimony/Kingdom Topics 2022-2023
Prayer and Prayer Request In these Days Like Noah
Holy Day Count 2022 and Prophecy
Is the Names YHWH (Yahweh) and Yahushua (Yahshua) deriving from idolatry. Kingdom Topic
The Holy Angels Rejoice over You
Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice
Power of Prayer and Fasting. Is It Relevant or an Important Principal in Life that yields Results?
Is the Heavenly Father Visitation Upon You ?
Holy Convocations verses Atonement, and What Atonement is the Messiah ?
The First Adam and Second Adam and The Day of Atonement
Is the Feast of Tabernacles a forever celebration and prophecies revealed
Life After the Flood. How was the earth divided?
Is Eternal Commonwealth land mentioned in the Bible ? Part 1
Is Eternal Commonwealth Land Mentioned in the Bible Part 2
The Melchizedek order VS The Aaronic order and Is the heavenly father a respecter of persons