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Poetry or Events

Excerpt Poem from Spiritual Warfare Combat Flight Book



His burden is light and he has a lowly heart,


Was born in Bethlehem


Not in a upper class area on earth,


But lying in a manger in a lower class part,


He is our promise


He came to save the world not to condemn it,


To help those that are lost in it,


Crowned Melech Ha Melechim (King of Kings) sitting on the right hand of the


Throne of (YaH).


Was nailed to the cross completing a more than a conquers' job,


He went to help prepare a place with our Heavenly Father for us,


The Son of (YaH), (Yahushuah), is our Promise.


He is living not dead, rose on the 3rd day, and from the past,


To the present, and on To the future has paved a way,


(Yahushuah) is our Promise


Inspired by ( YHWH ) the creator of all


Written by:


Keya S. Johnson aka Udiyah Yahudah Yisrael