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Testimonies/Kingdom Topics 2022-2023


Holy Convocations verses Atonement, and 
What Atonement is the Messiah ?

Prayer Reminder 9-22-22

Prayer and Prayer Request In these Days Like Noah 9-23-22

The First Adam and Second Adam and The Day of Atonement 10-5-22
Life After the Flood. How was the earth divided? 10-31-22

Is Eternal Commonwealth land mentioned in the Bible ? Part 1 Nov. 25-22

Is Eternal Commonwealth Land Mentioned in the Bible Part 2 Dec -6-2022

Is the Feast of Tabernacles a forever celebration and prophecies revealed 10-17-22

The Melchizedek order VS The Aaronic order and Is the heavenly father a respecter of persons 12-22-22