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Biography of Keya S. Johnson 
(A.K.A Udiyah Yahudah Yisrael)

Keya S. Johnson (a.k.a Udiyah) was born in Pontiac, Michigan in 1977. Keya accepted Yahushuah as the savior of her life at the age of eleven. Her poetical gift of writing started at the age of twelve, but her first published writings of poetry did not occur until the year of 2005 in her mid twenties. She has been published in various compilation anthologies through the International Library of Poetry, as well as been given awards, plaques, medals, and trophies for her poetical accomplishments. She has various creative gifts and she gives credit for her abilities to the Almighty Yahweh (YHWH). Keya is one of the granddaughters of the late Corinthian (Kripp) Johnson the founder of one of the first interracial Doo Wop groups in the United States of America called the Del Vikings. Her grandfather was into creative writing and singing music lyrics, and Keya was somewhat influenced by his love for music and writing when she was a toddler. "Spiritual Warfare Combat Flight" is Keya's first book that has her poetry embedded in the entire text. Keya expresses her own personal trials and tribulations in her poetry as well as what she has been taught from the bible, and what she sees from the public eye view. Her main goal is to influence people to embrace The son of Yahweh who is Yahushuah and our Heavenly Father Yahweh by using her gifts for Yahweh's purposes. She enjoys being apart of the body of the messiah, helping out in community affairs, and aiding in humanitarian needs. Keya is a business owner and she has two technical diplomas in the health field. Her future is bright by expanding her understanding and studying of the scriptures in depth she looks forward to  Yahweh elevating her to higher heights and more in depth responsibilities.

YHWH is the creator of the World